What fanny packs are in style now?

The term ‘fanny pack’ refers to a pouch that is worn around one’s waist secured by a belt-like strap. There are other names for it such as ‘belt bag’, ‘waist bag’, or ‘belly bag’. They first became popular with tourists because of how easy it is to put stuff in it without having to use your arms to carry it. For a long time, they were a must-have item everyone took with them on holidays.

History of fanny packs

But fanny packs have been around for longer than you might think. The oldest fanny pack ever discovered has its origins in the years 3000s BCE. A mummified body of a man who supposedly lived during those times was found in Europe with a leather pouch hanging from his waist. There have similar sightings over old fanny packs in civilizations all over the world.

The first fanny pack as we know it was created in the 1960s by an Australian woman who was said to have been inspired by kangaroos’ pouches. They quickly caught on and were often worn by sportsmen, such as cyclists or skiers, and only later were adapted by tourists as well. They were loved for their functionality and not much thought went into the designs themselves. Simple fanny packs, often made from cheap materials like nylon, were practical but far from fashionable. They were associated with loud tourists going oversees that were sometimes thought to be too lazy to carry their own bags.

Latest popularity surge

But in the past few years, they have made a spectacular comeback. People again began appreciating fanny packs for their functionality. We have embraced fanny packs the same way we have embraced wearing oversize or baggy clothing instead of tight-fitting pairs of jeans all the time. Fanny packs are fashionable because they are comfortable and who wouldn’t want to be comfortable when going to a convenience store or the post office.

Fanny packs aren’t the same as they used to be – colorful, plastic, and looking more like a toy rather than an accessory. Fashion brands are putting a new spin on the traditional fanny pack by making it look like an elegant pouch that is both practical and stylish.

Fanny Pack Gucci

The well-known brands, such as Gucci, have released their own versions of a fanny pack. Although, you won’t find anything by searching for Fanny Pack Gucci because they call it ‘a belt bag’, probably to get rid of the association with the rather silly traditional name. Belt bags by Gucci come in many designs, for both men and women. They also a model made for children.

Belt bags from Gucci are made with quality materials such as leather and often use similar designs to their other regular bag and purses collections. Whether you prefer something that looks elegant or maybe rather more sporty, you will find something for you. The adjustable straps make their belt bags easy to wear, no matter your body shape. One of the more interesting models, the GG Supreme belt bag, even comes with two pouches attached so you can put more items in.

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